Top 7 Websites That Will Help You Find A Place to Stay on Vacation

Everyone looks forward to going on vacation. One that will help them unwind and recover their energy after a period of concentrating on jobs, businesses and even school work. It is essential, therefore, to find a vacation destination that fits one’s budget and preference. Here are top 7 websites that will help you find a place to stay on vacation.


Design Hotels

When in need of a stylish hotel while on vacation, this is the website to search. It has a collection of over 300 hotels in over 50 countries to choose from, and therefore clients have variety. Members enjoy benefits such as discounts on car hire and also on the hotels. The hotels have stylish finishes, such as fancy curtains and well-done interiors. It can be accessed via They value privacy too which makes the hotels perfect for a lingerie themed bridal shower, if needed. 


Google Maps


This website offers a downloadable option for maps, that shows not only the location but also the local information about the place one wants to visit. It gives one the choices of places to stay, dine and visit while on vacation. Additionally, it suggests where one can shop, fuel and have access to banking services such as ATMs. It can be accessed via




This website offers an arrangement that saves on money and time. When you want to visit a place without the hustle of hiring a private car, the site links you to people who want to go to the same place, and you do it together as a group. It comes with a tour guide who also directs you on where to dine and stay during your vacation, making your vacation to be smoother. It can be accessed via




This website offers excellent convenience while on vacation. It plans where you shall visit, books hotels and suggests places you can dine in. In case of any delay in flights, they call to notify you, making your vacation less strenuous. It can be accessed via


Owners Direct


If you are looking for accommodation and you want to talk to the owners directly without going through any middlemen, this is the website for you. You will spend less, and you will be sure that the hotel booking you made is genuine. This is perfect, especially for extended vacations. It can be accessed through




This website offers a smartphone app that gives a review of a myriad of hotels in different locations. It is convenient because the client can easily access the app and view the hotels in the area they want to visit, to be able to pick out the hotel that best suits them. The website can be accessed via




This is a website that takes a keen interest in luxury. For any clients going on vacation and do not want to compromise on luxury, this is the website to use. It offers a collection of luxurious hotels that the clients can easily book, throughout the world. It can be accessed via